Here are some of the first hand experiences of doctors and patients using SOLUMIUM®:

"After over 5 years of using Solumium, I can only say the best about it.
It will cure even the worst cases of gingvitis. The causes of the infalammation will obviously have to be
treated too, but in my 42 years of practice I have never seen a product perform like Solumium.
After surgical removal of a wisdom tooth I always rinse the surgical cavity with Solumium Dental.
I have started giving it to my patients for at-home treatment too, in more severe cases of gingvitis, or after
an implant or a bigger oral surgery."

Dr. Kemény István DDS, surgical dentist

"Dear Professor,
Thank you very much for your kindness, and for the wonder-product!!!!!! It worked truly fantastic, and got rid of my cold practically overnight. I wish you great success in your work, and thank you very much again!!!"

Kálmán Olga (Hungarian TV personality), on Solumium Oral

"After meals, I first wash my teeth, then I dilute 2.5ml Solumium Oral with 25-30ml water, and use that for rinsing, for about 3 minutes. It makes my mouth feel unbelievably fresh. It's as if my teeth had been polished, with no trace of plaque at all. Without Solumium, I can not reach the above feeling, no matter what mouthwash I use or how thoroughly I wash my teeth.
I sometimes keep a 3-4 day pause in the above mouthwash treatment.
I would also like to mention that whenever I use Solumium in the evening, before going to bed, my mouth always feels suprisingly fresh the next morning."

Kiss Gábor, Budapest

"Three days before one of the most promising summer travels of my life, I caught follicular tonsillitis.
I thought I had to wave goodbye to the boat-trip and to Sicily, because the traditional therapy is antibiotics,
which means no sunbathing, not even two weeks after the cure.
I started using Solumium Oral that very evening. The morning of the third day the burning in my throat has
subsided and by the time the ship ran out of Trieste the fourth day, there was no sign left of the disease.
Thank you, Solumium!!!"

"Three years ago, one of my wisdom teeth got inflamed. I tried treating it with strong spirits, but
that did not work. The dentist wanted to pull the tooth out. Immediately. I did not want that.
Instead, I decided to check out the pharmacy. I knew from experience though, that phlogosol and the like
were worth nothing. I was hoping to find something better. My fate took me to Lágymányos Pharmacy,
where I was given Solumium.
Solumium brought immediate improvement. I also diluted it to use as nasal drops, and rinsed my sinuses.
Lying down on the bed, using 2-3 pipettes per nostril.
I also started brushing the gingivitis. At first the inflammation kept coming back. Then I decided to take the
Instructions For Use seriously, and started using Solumium every 4 hours. I rinsed my mouth and sinuses
and brushed my gums every 3-4 hours. At night, too. I became symptom-free the next day, but I still took
a furher 1-2 treatments. And I was healed.
Another time I had a severe throat inflammation, and I remembered that there was still some Solumium
in the fridge. By then I couldn't swallow or talk for a day already. That problem was also solved by
Solumium, immediately.
After about another 2 years, I came up with the idea that I would not have surgery on the skin breakout
on my eyelids, but rather just brush it with Solumium. That was a success, too. And it didn't even twitch
my eyes.
Since then Solumium has helped several of my acquaintances too, in similar cases."

Ernő Dajka, manager, Budapest

"I have used Solumium Dental for treating herpes, brushing regularly for 8 days. The liquid has a mild smell.
It dries the lips, but only moderately, not causing them to crackle.
The herpes blister did not swell, neither did it spread. There was no unsightly slough, a phenomenon
generally associated with a healing herpes. Through the full course of treatment, the herpes infection
produced none of the usual unpleasant symptoms."

Dr. Majoros Katalin, dentist

"I am glad to report that the use of Solumium has been a great success for me so far. It has allowed for
symptom-free root canal treatments, even in more severe cases involving teeth with gangrene.
I have already recommended the product to several colleagues of mine.
I wish you further success in your work."

Dr. Hanyecz Zsuzsanna, dentist

"For 30 years, I had struggled with a constantly problematic, inflammated, root canal treated, cogged tooth.
We have first heard about Solumium Dental on TV. We bought it, and by using it for brushing the tooth
2 times a day for 3-4 weeks, the problem gradually vanished.
I have caught a viral infection in the meantime, inflammating my palate and my throat. I completely cured
that problem by gargling just once with Solumium Dental diluted with some water. The virus has also
inflammated a further tooth, which I cured by brushing it just once with Solumium."

N.K., Budapest

"Dear Inventors,
I would like to congratulate you for developing Solumium Dental. I first saw your product at the
"100wonders" exhibition, yesterday. I instantly bought it at the exhibition shop, because I have been
struggling with tonsillitis and a sore throat for exactly 4 weeks (previously, neither brushing, nor antibiotics
helped) and the chlorine dioxide solution seemed to be my last hope.
And there was a miracle! I used a 3-fold diluted solution two times last night and once this morning, and by
this afternoon the pain disappeared completely.
I have printed out an article from the Internet on the subject, which I am giving into the hands of my dentist,
today! Once again, thank you!"

Gönczi Éva, Budapest

"I am a large-scale Solumium user, I should say, I'm a fan!
Since I started using Solumium Dental, I can complete fillings a lot faster, and have various other positive
experiences with it. I find Solumium highly effective."

Dr. Jeney Judit, dentist

"I have a story to tell you about what we consider a miraculous healing. It happened in our family, last week-end, and it is related to Solumium Dental.
An 80-year-old lady member of our family had caught Erysipelas (or "St. Anthony's fire", an inflammation of the skin due to bacterial infection), in the summer of 2009. It was treated with long courses of strong antibiotics, with limited success. Following the illness, purulent, itchy, schancrous rashes developed on the whole body, especially the benders, arms, and the scalp. These rashes could not be cured with antibiotics or with any prescription creams.
We then started brushing the skin with Solumium Dental. After just the first brushing, the rashes started healing, forming granulation tissue. After only three treatments, almost all rashes had disappeared, leaving only dark, contracted areas. The itching was already gone after the second treatment.
You have helped in the fast recovery of our beloved, elderly family member. I want to say thank you, in her name, too."

Vajdáné Lengyel Éva, Budapest

"I've been having a stye appearing on my eyelids from time to time for years now. It usually recurred from infections, for example after swimming. I had heard about Solumium from a friend of mine, and decided to treat my eyelid with a diluted Solumium Oral. The inflammation was practically gone the next morning. That used to take over a week before! Congratulations to the inventor!"

Vancsó Zoltán, Budapest

"I always keep a bottle of Solumium in my laptop case. After a whole night of partying, by morning I sometimes have a scraping feeling in my throat. So I rinse with Solumium, which quickly eliminates the scraping."

DJ Neo, Budapest

"Solumium has been effective against tooth ache every time. Even when it was a big, thee-canal root canal filling that got inflamed. From now on, it's me, and not my teeth, who decide when to see the dentist."

Stéger Pál, Budapest

"My 5-year old son, Gergő has come through a lenghty disease. He became ill with tonsillitis more than
seven times in six monts. Our pediatrician treated the illness with antibiotics. The illness was accompanied
by a high fever, and loss of appetite. As an effect of the antibiotics, the symptoms disappeared within a few
days, but that was followed by a faster and faster recurrence of the illness, and finally only a week passed
without taking antibiotics.
I first heard about Solumium Oral at a presentation about the product. We decided to test it the same day.
fWe disinfected Gergő's throat four times a day during the first week, and then reduced the number of daily
treatments. He became asymptomatic for two months. We then ran out of the first bottle, and we decided
to keep a little pause. Two weeks later, he received a minor sore throat, from which he recovered in just
three days. We, parents, have drawn the consequences from the story, and do not consider Solumium
a drug (though it proved to be a wonderdrug for us!), but treat it as a wonderfully effective disinfectant,
which we confidently use every day. Another three months have now passed without tonsillitis.
By now, we use Solumium not only for oral hygiene. We have applied it to frayed skin too, which, in effect,
healed without inflammation, much faster, and more beautifully.
I recommend Solumium to everyone."

Németh Tünde

"Congratulations on your success with your product! Ever since I learned about the new invention, I use it with much enthusiasm. So far it was very effective with all the problems I used it against. Thankfully, it was only smaller infections that I hat to treat, but Solumium Oral excelled in all cases.
A tooth gum infection was cured after just one or two brushings.
I had a sore throat, with a pain comparable to the swallowing pain after tonsil surgery. Solumium cured it, making me totally symptom free in two days."

Borbély Péter, Budapest

"I have been struggling with Candida fungal infection for years. It was diagnosed as Candida albicans.
I have first used Solumium* for vaginal flushing after a friend told me that it can be used against bladder inflammation type symptoms. It was clear and obvious in my vaginal discharge, that I am facing a fungal infection, which was completely cured by just one Solumium treatment. It was a dramatic change after, as I said, just one flushing.
It was quite reassuring to see my problems go away completely, with no inconveniences or side effects, after using Solumium. I was especially happy for the success of the vaginal flushing, because I like to go to the swimming pool very much. It is comforting to know, that while I may not necessarily avoid an infection, I certainly know how to treat it, now."

H.Cs., Miskolc (*product used: 10-fold diluted Solumium Oral)
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