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We are celebrating ten years of hyperpure chlorine-dioxide,
a Hungarian invention on its way to redefine the fight against infections.
The manufacturing process of hyperpure chlorine-dioxide is now patented
in several countries around the world including the U.S. and China.
The patent is the basis of our successful product, Solumium.

SOLUMIUM® is one of the most effective ANTIMICROBIAL AGENTS, ever.

It kills all pathogenes including bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and viruses.
And it does all that without harming you: it has no known side-effects.
Solumium is based on a new Hungarian invention: Prof. Zoltán Noszticzius
and coworkers succeeded in producing hyperpure chlorine-dioxide,
one of the world's strongest and friendliest antimicrobial agents.


Among other things, this question is discussed by a scientific article published recently
on the pages of Physiology International:
The article was co-written by researchers of the Budapest University of Technology
and Economics, and of Semmelweis University. The publication discusses the possible
applications of hyperpure chlorine dioxide, the active ingredient in Solumium products.
Hyperpure chlorine dioxide may soon play a substantial role in the treatment of
viral infections, and in preventing viral epidemics.
The article was the world's most widely read scientific publication from Hungary
for 10 weeks in the Summer of 2020, and in July it was the most widely read article
globally for one week in the fields of Chemical Kinetics and Veterinary Medicine.
(Source: ResearchGate)


The Solumium production procedure is protected by Hungarian, European,
American, and Chinese patents.


The Swedish Chamber of Commerce announced Prof. Zoltán Noszticzius and his application
about Solumium as the winner of the 2015 interdisciplinary innovation award.
Visit our MEDIA menu to see photos of the Gran Prize ceremony.


We find that the most creditable way of promotion is word of mouth.
However, after Solumium received the Swedish Gran Prize Award in 2015, extensive articles
began appearing about our success in most major Hungarian newspapers like Magyar Nemzet,
Népszabadság, HVG, and, most recently, the Hungarian version of ForbesNEXT.
All big Hungarian television networks have also featured full interviews with Prof. Noszticzius.
The press buzz has certainly increased public awareness of the invention in Hungary.
We are confident that the magic moment of worldwide recognition is not far away for Solumium.


The background of the unique properties of Solumium is unfolded in a recent
scientific article by Prof. Zoltán Noszticzius and colleagues, in the scientific journal
PLOS ONE. The extended version of the article, which includes case studies on
the treatment of wounds infected with resistant bacteria, can be read at the
Cornell University website arXiv.


Solumium Ltd., co-founded by Prof. Noszticzius, manufactures products based on the
invention. Clients include physicians, patients, hygiene companies, and government
Solumium is opening up new perspectives in medical and general use.

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